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Ballymena Festival of Music Speech and Dance

Welcome to the Ballymena Festival

The Festival takes place during February and March in the new Braid Arts Centre in Ballymena which has modern facilities for most major performing arts. The Festival provides a wide opportunity for performers at all stages of music, speech, drama and dance. There are two Gala Nights : the Instrumental Festival Night on the first Saturday evening of the Music weeks and the Vocal and Prizewinners Gala on the last Saturday evening.

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The Centenary Celebrations

Ballymena Festival of Music, Speech and Dance celebrated its first hundred years with a grand Centenary Concert on 13 February 2016.

To mark the Centenary there was also be an exhibition on the history of the Festival, as well as a commemorative book funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The highlight of the celebrations, however, was the Centenary Concert featuring past performers from across the decades. The MC for the evening was the renowned adjudicator, Marilynne Davies, who has been a good friend of the Festival for many years.

The Centenary Concert DVD

A DVD of the Centenary Concert on Sat 13th February 2016 is available
from Sat 27th February 2016 price £10.00 postage paid.

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The BBC Ten Pieces Championship

In conjunction with the British Federation of Festivals, we are delighted to support and work with the BBC Ten Pieces. The aim is to inspire young people to be aware and enjoy Classical music . For the 2016 Festival we a thrilled to announce the BBC will award: Certificates of Performance to any performer who is inspired to perform one of the BBC Ten Pieces Read more here